Sunday, August 02, 2009

a work in progress continues

I started laying in color with the idea that the final piece will focus on the house and the azaleas. I'm painting on a Wallis Belgian Mist and I used a size that is larger than what I expect the final piece to be. My client asked that the house be bright. The architecture and landscape don't show much of the home except for the roof which isn't very interesting. When I first painted the roof it seemed dominant so I toned it down and accentuated to light on the bricks. The light is not exactly realistic but I hope it's believable and meets the client's request.

This is one of the images that I sent to the client for review. I think the painting is about 90% complete. I'll put it on the rail for a while and wait for feedback from my client. Before I sign it, I may—or may not—make some adjustments and call it resolved.

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