Friday, April 03, 2009

painting daily

I read an article about an artists' income survey. The researchers surveyed Canadian artists on income, education, and employment. Two things that really struck me were how little artists earn from their art, Canadian $20K, and how many hours they spend making art, 26 hours per week.

My first thought on both counts is, that's not enough. It's a shame that artists (all diciplines) must work second jobs to pay the rent. Second, that artists work at their craft less than three hours a day. That's practice time!

When in full swing, I'm clocking 40 hours a week painting. Granted, I don't have much of a life outside of the studio and my FT job, but I feel it is necessary for me to paint everyday to meet my goals. As I've said many times, all I want to do is paint.

So, let's get busy. Let's turn off these computers and paint.

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