Monday, July 12, 2010

overheard on public transportation

Last spring, I was visiting my nephew in Boston. We were commuting on the T and I was sketching the other commuters. Two twenty-something business men entered our car and were standing behind where we were sitting. One of the guys was quite vocal and dominated the conversation. He paused, then in a somewhat excited voice said, "Here's just one more way for you to be amazed by me." Then went on with something he had done at work that day. In contrast, I was about 19 years old and living in NYC. Again, on the train I was seated next to an older gentleman asked me a question about the portfolio I was carrying. After a brief interchange he said, "When I was you're age I thought I had all the answers. Now, I realize that I don't even know the questions." His statement stuck with me all these years and the older I get, the more I know he was right.

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