Tuesday, January 12, 2010

taking it personally

Yes, I'm taking it personally. Today I had a meeting with a corporate client to present my work with the possibility of hanging a show in its facility. My contact and his collegue were welcoming and full of encouragement. I was feeling good and full of promise.

Along comes Dee (not her real name) with a scowl on her face and says, "You're not putting that in here? It looks like Queen Anne, or something." I don't know who was more embarrassed, my hosts or me. My host replys, "We like his work and are consdering it, yes." To which Dee replies, "Well it matches the furniture and at least brings out the brown in the walls." Picture it... 200+ pound me crawling under the chair because that's exactly what I wanted to do.

Intellectually, I know there is nothing wrong with my work nor is there anything wrong with me... humor me and let's not go there. Moreover, I know that Dee's comments are out of ignorance but that doesn't make them any less pointed.

For now, I'm going to take it personally and go spend some time with Bierstadt, Hassam, and Sargent.

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