Monday, July 27, 2009

a work in progress

I'm working on a commissioned house portrait and thought it would be fun to post images as I work through the piece.

This is one of the photos that I was give as reference. There are several photos taken in various seasons and times of day. I like this one because I can see much of the structure and was able to work our the proportions of the house using this and the other photos.

The thumbnail with the proportions from which I made my larger drawing. When breaking the building down to a grid I figured the house is two squares high by 13 squares wide. When dividing each square into thirds, I learn that size and placement of windows/doors fall in those thirds.

This is the drawing done from the thumbnail. From here I'll begin applying pastel. This gives me an accurate rendering of the structure before I begin painting. This seems a little tight but I'm sure it will loosen up as begin the painting.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

thanks to the maryland pastel society

Today, I was honored and humbled to critiqued for the Maryland Pastel Society. Honored to have been asked to serve in such a way and humbled to provide constructive criticism for such fine work. Everything I saw was deserving of praise. Moreover, there were works--in my opinion--that needed little more than a frame. Bravo, MPS!

Monday, July 13, 2009

my new studio

A view of my new studio.

Here's my green chair and my office. Notice the giant paintbrush in the corner.

The Door of Fame and my office. Sorry about the garbage on the floor. I haven't taken it out yet.

A wall of paintings. I think you need one on your wall. Don't you?

My easel with the beginnings of a new piece.