Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lots going on

The past weeks have been quite busy with preparations for shows, festivals and the move of my studio. Luckily, the move is just down the hall. As of July 1, I'll be in a larger studio that will allow me to do so much more in my studio. For those of you who have seen my studio know that it's quite cozy and when preparing for a show or festival I spread out into the hallway. That should be a thing of the past.

This painting is a new piece that I did for a show titled Washington, DC en Plein Air. It opens next week at American Painting in the District. The painting is of the Tidal Basin and bridge (Ohio Ave, I think) while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. While the blossoms are prominent in the piece, they are not the focal point. I wanted to include them but my goal was to make them secondary to the bridge... more specifically the light on the bridge.

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